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When Will I Receive my Order

Order Processing & Dispatch


We offer same day dispatch by Aust Post for all orders received before 11am.


If your order is received after 11am it will be dispatched the next business day.


If you require express post or courier delivery to ensure continuity of supply just let us know.


We're here to help make sure you receive your bovine tracheal cartilage in a timely fashion.

Nigel Fairclough

Nigel Fairclough

Personal invitation to call me.

As I can't discuss anything about what liquid bovine cartilage is used for on this site, I'd like to invite you to personally contact me so that I can answer any important questions that you may have.

I have over 15 years of experience with The Australian Cartilage Company, Liquid Bovine Tracheal Cartilage & Liquid Bovine Collagen Type II products.

My mobile phone number in Australia is: 0412 322577
Please feel free to call me directly and have a chat.

Nigel Fairclough
Managing Director



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