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Yes our Liquid Bovine Cartilage is in Stock

We're fielding customer calls asking if our product is in stock - Yes it's in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

These calls are coming from customers who have been using a copycat product called Bovita which is not manufactured by The Australian Cartilage Company.
These customers are telling us their suppliers say that Bovita is no longer available or that Bovita has been discontinued.

We've done some investigating and found out that Bovita was being manufactured in New Zealand by a company called Aroma New Zealand for Australia's Own Pty Ltd.
Australia's Own is a retail store on the NSW Central Coast who sells a large range of nutraceuticals under their own label. 

Aroma New Zealand manufacturer a large range of joint care products for human and animal health, including green-lipped mussel powder and oil, shark cartilage powder, fish protein, oyster powder, chondroitin sulphate, marine collagen, and abalone powder. 

We contacted an industry friend who told us that Aroma had decided to cease manufacturing Bovita due to ongoing issues with the quality of the product.

The Australian Cartilage Company are the original developers and specialist manufacturers of Liquid Bovine Cartilage since 1995. 
We just want our customers to know that our Liquid Bovine Cartilage is manufactured right here in Australia from Australian raw materials and is backed by over 15yrs of development and yes we have plenty of stock. 

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Nigel Fairclough

Nigel Fairclough

Personal invitation to call me.

As I can't discuss anything about what liquid bovine cartilage is used for on this site, I'd like to invite you to personally contact me so that I can answer any important questions that you may have.

I have over 15 years of experience with The Australian Cartilage Company, Liquid Bovine Tracheal Cartilage & Liquid Bovine Collagen Type II products.

My mobile phone number in Australia is: 0412 322577
Please feel free to call me directly and have a chat.

Nigel Fairclough
Managing Director



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